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Today’s advanced and emerging industrial & transportation applications require hyper accurate positioning and localization capabilities.

Achieve true centimeter-level position accuracy with OpenARC’s data stream in your inertial navigation and guidance solution.

OpenARC delivers corrections data to improve and augment GNSS inertial navigation systems. The OpenRTK330 module is an integrated INS platform that seamlessly connects to OpenARC to provide centimeter-level accurate positioning and safety critical GNSS gap coverage.

OpenRTK330 is a state-of-the-art, high performance GNSS receiver with a built-in RTK engine and triple redundant inertial sensors. OpenARC and OpenRTK300 are supported by ACEINNA’s open-source tool chain which enables direct customization of the on-board algorithms, I/O, and communication stack on the device.

Getting Started


Get your OpenRTK330LI Evaluation Kit


Register OpenARC account credentials


Setup EVK



Get your OpenRTK330LI Evaluation Kit

Experience OpenARC by purchasing an OpenRTK330LI Evaluation Kit.

OpenRTK330LI Evaluation Kit

It is available from the following distributor partners.

Mouser Electronics

WPG Americas Inc.

* An OpenRTK330LI Evaluation Kit includes 30-day free OpenARC trial.

Register OpenARC account credentials

Register and create your OpenARC User Credentials.

The registration is free, and you may also use Aceinna developers account. After registration, it is time to create OpenARC user credentials. Credentials will be used to configure the OpenRTK330LI Evaluation Kit. You can find the entry under the Login menu.

Setup EVK

Setup OpenRTK330LI Evaluation Kit and configure with OpenARC as Rover.

Use an Ethernet cable to connect the OpenRTK330LI Evaluation Kit with a network router or switch, and connect a PC to the same router/switch using an Ethernet cable. Visit http://openrtk in a browser (Google Chrome is recommended) to configure OpenARC on the device.


Easily collect and visualize position data with Aceinna’s online tools.

  • Python Driver
  • Aceinna Developer Site

Here is a more detailed document to describe the usage of OpenRTK330LI Evaluation Kit.



Integrated inertial navigation module with RTK positioning engine

Online Manual

Learn how to use OpenRTK330LI from the manual

Aceinna navigation studio

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